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Gratification can be divided into 3 (three) categories, namely: Acceptance of gratuities (gratuities that are considered bribes, gratuities in official services and gratuities that are not bribery and official); Giving and Requesting. In line with the program “PLN Bersih No Suap” which is supported by the Directors Regulation of PT PLN (Persero) Number. 0060.K / DIR / 2014 concerning clean PLN Guidelines, PLN NP has made a declaration of “PLN NP Bersih” which is followed by all PJB employees and partners through the Supplier Gathering activity on 6 May 2015 at the Surabaya Head Office PJB.

The program is strengthened by the PLN NP Guidelines determined by the Board of Directors through Directors Decree No. 092.K / 010 / DIR / 2014. Provisions related to gratuities have also been widely disseminated through various print and electronic media, such as brochures, pamphlets, magazines, websites, and other media. Dissemination to external stakeholders is carried out through official notification through mass media, communication of CoC on the company’s website and Supplier Gathering.