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What is a Whistle Blowing System?

The Whistleblowing System (WBS) is a system used to accommodate, manage and follow up and make reports on information submitted by the Whistleblower regarding violations that occur within PT PLN Nusantara Power.


Who is a Whistleblower?

A reporter is a personnel or legal entity from either the internal or external environment of the Company who conveys information regarding incidents or indications of violations through channels provided by the Company.


Who is the Reported Party?

Reported parties are the Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners, Supporting Organs of the Board of Commissioners and all Company Employees.


What are the reporting requirements?

All reports of violations from internal and external parties, whether from reporters who include their identity or those who do not (anonymous), can be processed further as long as they can provide strong evidence, can be accounted for and do not lead to slander. To simplify the communication and clarification process, the Reporting Party should include at least:

  • Name of the Reporter (anonymous is permitted)
  • Telephone number or email address where you can be contacted.


What types of violations can be reported?

Actions that can be reported (violations) through the Whistleblowing System are as follows:

  1. Corruption
  2. Cheating
  3. Dishonesty
  4. Acts that violate the law (including but not limited to theft, use of violence against employees or leaders, extortion, use of drugs, acts that contain elements of other criminal acts)
  5. Violation of tax provisions or other laws and regulations (including but not limited to the environment, mark-up, under invoice, employment, etc.)
  6. Actions that endanger work safety and health, or endanger the security of the Company
  7. Actions that could cause financial or non-financial losses to the Company or harm the interests of the Company
  8. Violation of the Company’s standard operating procedures (SOP), especially related to the procurement of goods and services, provision of benefits and remuneration.


Where to report?

The channels available to report violations are:

  • Correspondence to:
    Violation Complaints Management Committee
    PT PLN Nusantara Power
    Jalan Ketintang Baru No.11 Surabaya 60231 Indonesia
  • Complaint Box:
    Main lobby of PT PNP Head Office and Lobby of the Administration Building for all PT PNP Units.
  • Website with the address www.plnnusantarapower.co.id/wbs.
  • Email with the address complaint@plnnusantarapower.co.id
  • Call/SMS/WhatsApp with number 08113388448.


Forms of Whistleblower protection

  1. If the reporter is an employee, he will receive protection from the company against detrimental treatment such as:
    a. Unfair dismissal;
    b. Demotion of position or rank;
    c. Harassment or discrimination in any form;
    d. Adverse notes in personal file records.
  2. If the Reporting Party is an external party, it will receive standard protection from the Company against detrimental treatment due to retaliatory actions from the Reported Party or Organization such as discrimination in business cooperation and discrimination in service delivery.
  3. If the reporter is a Justice Collaborator, he will receive protection from the Company against detrimental treatment for the report submitted. If during the investigation process the Reporting Party is proven to be guilty of the reported violation, then his testimony can be used as mitigating consideration for the sanctions recommended by TP2DK for PYBMS.
  4. In addition to the protection above, for Whistleblowers who have good intentions, the Company will also provide legal protection (if necessary) as regulated in article 5 and article 10 of Law No.31 of 2014 concerning Amendments to Law No.13 of 2006 concerning Protection of Witnesses and Victims and article 12 PP No.43 of 2018.


Whistleblower Confidentiality

All violation reports will be guaranteed confidentiality and security by the Company. The management of the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter is carried out with multiple levels of authority, so that confidentiality can be maintained permanently, except in the case of a legal process requiring the disclosure of the identity of the reporter in accordance with applicable legal provisions.


Communication with the Whistleblower

Communication with the Whistleblower is carried out through the Violation Complaint Management Committee, which functions to receive violation reports. In this communication, the reporter can also obtain information regarding the handling of the case he reported, whether it was followed up, including its progress, or not followed up.


False report

If the results of the investigation conclude that the complaint submitted contains elements of bad faith, conveys false evidence, contains elements of slander, without clear basis/evidence, then the Whistleblower’s right to receive Whistleblower protection will be terminated/not granted.

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