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PT PLN Nusantara Power (PT PLN NP) and its Subsidiaries have established CSMS for Service Procurement and Goods & Services Procurement.  We provide an opportunity for Service Providers or Goods & Services Providers to take part in the registration and Prequalification stages of CSMS with the following information:

  1. Registration
  • Online registration via web: csms.plnnusantarapower.co.id
  • The selection of the Registration Location will be adjusted to the PT PLN NP Unit or its closest Subsidiary to the address of the registering company.
  • Complete mandatory CSMS documents (Company EHS Policy, Employment Insurance, HIRAC Procedures and Implementation)
  • For CSMS registering companies that have previously registered and are about to upgrade, there is no need to re-register. The CSMS Registration Company can log in to the CSMS Registration Company account that has been previously registered. Then click the Prequalification menu – Upgrade Certificate.
  • If you have problems logging in to the CSMS Registration Company account, you can contact the CSMS Registration Contact Person.

The requirements for CSMS documents that need to be met include:

  1. Company EHS Policy *
  2. Management Meeting Documentation
  3. HSE Meeting Documentation
  4. Documentation of the Management’s Involvement in HSE
  5. HSE Inspection Program
  6. Documentation of HSE Inspection Follow-up
  7. HSE Organizational Structure
  8. Employment Insurance *
  9. Work Uniform Distribution Documentation
  10. HSE Campaign Documentation
  11. HSE Training Documentation
  12. New Employee HSE Orientation Program
  13. General HSE Expert Personnel Documentation
  14. Emergency Response Procedure
  15. Smoking, Drugs & Liquor Prohibition Regulations
  16. Work Instructions and JSA
  17. Equipment Operation Procedures
  18. Hot Work Procedure
  19. Altitude Work Procedure
  20. Confined Space Work Procedure
  21. Tension Work Procedure
  22. Excavation Work Procedure
  23. Isolation Control Procedure (LOTO)
  24. Near & Underwater Work Procedure
  25. Chemical Handling Procedures
  26. Lifting Work Procedure
  27. Radiation Handling Procedures
  28. HSE Non-conformance Reporting Procedure
  29. B3 Management Procedure
  30. LB3 Management Procedure
  31. Safety-Riding Procedure
  32. List of Emergency Condition Equipment
  33. Work Equipment Certification
  34. Distribution of PPE for Workers
  35. The Rules for Using PPE Works
  36. HIRAC Procedure and Implementation *
  37. Excellent Work Program

* Mandatory documents that must be fulfilled

  1. Acceptance of CSMS Documents
  • All CSMS documents of the registering company can be uploaded on the csms.ptpjb.com web
  • The CSMS Clinic will be implemented as a means of communication between PT PNP and the CSMS Registered Company at each Registration Location with a schedule that will be further informed.
  1. CSMS Prequalification
  • CSMS prequalification is carried out through a document Verification that has been uploaded strictly on the csms.ptpjb.com web at each CSMS Registering Company.
  • If you pass Document Verification, a Field Verification will be carried out which will be done virtually during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The schedule for the implementation of the Field Verification will be further arranged & announced by the Contact Person for the Registration Location Unit.
  • CSMS Certificate & Certificate will be issued by the CSMS Registration Location Unit.
  • The issued CSMS certificate is valid in all PT PLN NP Units, and its Subsidiaries.
  • Schedule for Collecting CSMS Certificates & Certificates will be further arranged & announced by the Registration Location Contact Person.
  1. Contact person
  • If there are problems in registering the PT PLN NP Prequalification, you can contact the contact person at each Registration Location which can be downloaded at //s.id/narahubungcsmsPLNNP.
  • Registration and further information can be accessed on the web csms.plnnusantarapower.co.id

We, therefore, convey. For your attention and cooperation we extend our thanks