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As a commitment to manage Health and Safety in working area, PLN NP implement System Management of Health and Safety (SMK3) as a way to ensure the practice of every activities has been appropriate based on the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) and Health and Safety Standard. It is conducted under supervision from Subdirectory of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE/LK3) in every units and also PLN NP Headquarter, based on OHSAS 18001.
Conducted implementation includes several activities, such as socializing, ergonomics planning, simulations on SOP for preventing/handling fire, providing Personal Safety Equipment, and periodical evaluation. In 2016, PLN NP conducted several activities regarding health and safety in company’s work area, such as:

1. Promotion/counseling
  • Health presentation on Literature Media Club;
  • National health and safety month celebration;
  • Seminar on health and safety implementation;
2. Preventive
  • One-on-one education following medical check up result
  • Annual medical check up
  • Firefighter and first aider competition
  • Measurement of work area regarding factors of physics, chemistry, biology, and ergonomy
3. Curative
  • Health service with certified doctor
  • Partnership with hospital and health clinics around the company
  • SOP for fire emergency
  • SOP for explosion emergency
  • SOP for earthquake emergency
  • SOP for riot emergency
  • SOP for natural disaster emergency