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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is conducted by empowering surrounding communities and preservation of the environment. Community empowerment prioritize on increasing education level, health, economy, and to preserve culture of social and religious, while also maintain social order and security.

CSR conduct is categorized into three parts, which are:
– Comunity services, is the company’s service in effort to fulfill community needs
– Community Empowering, includes programs that are designed to support community’s independency
– Community Relations, includes activities regarding development of communication and information

PLNNP runs 4 types of CSR programs, including:
– Education sector
– Health sector
– Economy, Social, and Religion sector
– Public Security and Order, and Environment

As for locations, PLNNP prioritize:
– Directly affected by company’s operation
– Area surrounding the company, categorized as:
* Ring I : subdistrict in which PLNNP’s asset located
* Ring II : district in which PLNNP’s asset located
* Ring III : county in which PLNNP’s asset located
* Ring IV : natural disaster area, or area with specific resource potential, or area that can affect company’s image, has a resource potential to develop, and high public participation.