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The Corporate Governance Guidelines (CG Code) are a reference for the implementation of Good Corporate Governance in making decisions, carrying out actions based on high morals, complying with Legislation and awareness of the Company’s social responsibility to stakeholders. PT PJB’s Corporate Governance Guidelines (CG Code) compiled in 2016, after the study was carried out, are considered to be adjusted to the development of regulations and adjusted to the development of the Company’s needs.

Some of the things that underlie the adjustment of the PT PJB’s Corporate Governance Guidelines are the existence of change of reference in the field of Good Corporate Governance, besides there are several provisions that are not in line with the development of the Company. PT PJB agreed and committed to comply with and implement the Corporate Governance Guidelines, one of which was realized through the implementation of the CG Code in 2019 to replace the CG Code in 2016.