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Predicting remaining useful life of boiler by evaluating design data, operating data, non destructive examination (NDE) data, and destructive examination data to help power plant/ utility manager:
  • Preventing catastrophic damage
  • Outage interval extension
  • Safe operating condition
  • Ensure plant utilities
Scope of boiler assessment consist of pressure part internal boiler : furnace, re-heater, super-heater, Economizer, Steam drum, Header and Piping System: Main steam, Cold/Hot reheat, Drain pipe.
Our Boiler Assessment Personals certified NDE level 1,2 by ASNT and wide range experience Steam, Combine Cycle, Hydro, Coal, Solar Power Plant Turbine from < 50 MW , 50 – 300 MW & > 300 MW.
Boiler Assessment Webinar Series

Learn about some of the most common failure mode, method and cases power generation/ other utility industry issues and PJB’s assessment solutions for resolving them. Access the 7-part webinar series.