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Local Hero Keris Permata Hijau, Sustainable Nature, Independent Communities

Nusantara people, Local Hero is at the forefront of implementing CSR programs and actively campaigns for program excellence and the spirit of sustainability.

They are selfless heroes who dedicate time, energy and resources. One of them is Zaenal Abidin Fadilah, a Local Hero from the PLN NP UP Paiton CSR program known as Keris Permata Hijau.

This program began with Zaenal’s concern about forest destruction and uncontrolled hunting of wild animals in Binor Village, Probolinggo Regency. Thanks to awareness of the importance of preserving nature, Binor Village has now succeeded in developing educational tourism and nature conservation.

Zaenal’s fighting spirit is a role model that inspires us all, and through the Local Hero assisted by UP Paiton, this is proof of PLN NP’s contribution to sustainable development in Indonesia.

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Successfully Managing a Tourist Village, PLN NP Development Program Becomes Champion in Central Java Pokdarwis Jamboree Event

Power People, the PLN NP Rembang Generation Unit (UP) program has successfully won double winner in the 2024 Central Java Pokdarwis Jamboree which was held on Sunday (19/5) in Kudus, Central Java.
The PLN NP UP Rembang program called the Praba Mandira Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) succeeded in emerging as the General Champion in the Pokdarwis Ability and Product Title categories, you know. During the product category, Praba Mandira displayed an exhibition stand containing coal waste crafts, various culinary products and batik from Sendangasri Village. Oh yes, friend. Pokdarwis Praba Mandiri also succeeded in leading UP Rembang to achieve PROPER Gold from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) at the end of 2023, you know. This encouraging news certainly encourages PLN NP to continue to innovate to produce programs that are beneficial to society.

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Increasing Green Energy Capacity, PLN NP Collaborates with Masdar to Form Cirata Floating PLTS Expansion Study

Friends of the Archipelago, PLN Nusantara Power (PLN NP) as the largest generation subholding in Southeast Asia continues to be committed to encouraging the acceleration of the energy transition towards new, renewable energy (EBT). PLN NP is again collaborating with Masdar to study the potential for increasing the capacity of the Cirata Floating PLTS up to three times or reaching 500 MWAc. The signing of the MoU took place on the sidelines of the 10th World Water Forum in 2024 in Bali on 21-22 May 2024. Oh yes, friends, this collaboration between PLN NP and an energy company from the UAE has succeeded in building and operating the third largest floating PLTS in the world, namely the 192 MWp Cirata Floating PLTS. Currently, PLN NP is taking strategic steps by conducting a study to increase the capacity of the Cirata Floating PLTS.